Jewop A Cappella is Madison’s premiere and ONLY Jewish a cappella group. Members come from a variety of backgrounds (Jewish or not), looking to share a fun, Jewish-inspired experience focused on community service and sharing of Jewish culture. 

As a University of Wisconsin Hillel – Center for Jewish Student Life student organization, Jewop performs a wide spectrum of repertoire, from more traditional, religious Jewish songs and prayers to fun, secular Jewish songs that include parodies and songs by Jewish pop artists.

Jewop is the second co-ed a cappella group within the UW-Madison a cappella community, and has sung for campus events such as the All-Campus Party, Suicide Prevention Walk, International Student Graduation reception, and various other charity events. Other venues include private performances (we are available for hire!) and our own semester shows, given every spring and winter.

Entering our fifth year as an a cappella group, we have our sights set high for the coming year, looking to release our first live album. We have made appearances at Kol HaOlam II, III and IV, the National Jewish Collegiate A Cappella Competition, held in Washington D.C. to compete, receive and defend our titles of:  2nd Place, 3rd Place, Crowd Favorite, and Best Original Arrangement titles received from previous years.







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